How to purchase

Looking to buy passes to ÎLESONIQ 2016?

Tickets will be going on-sale April 28th, at 10am!
Note that only weekend passes are available for purchase at that time.


Enter the virtual waiting room as of 9:00 am on Thursday April 28 where you will have the option to fill in the required client information while you wait. As of 10am, patron purchase order will be randomly determined and passes will become available for sale.



When it’s your turn, you will gain access to the purchase page where you can select the quantity of bracelets you would like to buy.


Select the type of pass you wish to purchase, make sure you choose the right one because once the transaction is complete no exchanges or refunds will be authorized by evenko.
You can click here to get information on the different passes that are available.
The listed prices include service and delivery fees

Step 4

Start your search for passes by clicking FIND TICKETS

Step 5



Review your selection. Make sure that the price and number of passes you have selected correspond to what you want.
If you aren’t satisfied with your choice you can Search Again.



Step 6

Select the delivery method of your passes (standard mail only).  You can also add an official Osheaga merch item or accommodation to your order at this time.

*Please note standard mail delivery requires 7 to 10 business days and electronic ticket fulfillment takes approximately 48 hours from the time of purchase.

Also, if you’ve selected an accommodation option, make sure that the price and information indicated in the Ticket Summary section corresponds to your selection.



Step 7

If you haven’t already done so while in the virtual waiting room, you can now enter all of your purchasing information.

* Please note that the delivery address must be the same as the billing address

 Click on Next Step



Step 8

Take note of your confirmation number.

We look forward to seeing you at ÎLESONIQ Festival!