The Government of Québec is a proud partner of Festival ÎleSoniq, an event that attracts enthusiasts from far and wide with its large-scale international electronic music shows, a niche where Montréal stands out from all the rest!

The festival brings 50 or so renowned DJs to Île Notre-Dame, and serves to showcase our metropolis especially through the international media coverage that it attracts, as well as generating spin-offs for the tourism industry and the economy as a whole.

Enjoy the festival!

Montréal has the privilege of drawing on an exceptional pool of highly talented musicians. Featuring big names in the electronic, dance and hip-hop scenes, ÎleSoniq is offering an exciting musical lineup in the heart of the city. More than ever, our vibrant music scene is a great reason to visit Montréal.

Feel the excitement build as thousands of festival-goers and tourists head to Île Notre-Dame to hear artists from all four corners of the world. Get your heart pumping to electronic beats and prepare for an unforgettable festival experience. ÎleSoniq adds to the city’s appeal and is one of the many events that make Montréal a premier musical destination.

Enjoy the festival!